Dolce Vita night


Let  the  masters  of  excellent  food  and  wine,  beauty,  fashion  and  design  charm  you.  The  genuine  Rome  experience  is  not  just  about  seeing  world-famous  monuments  and  architecture  –  the  most  profound  discovery is to feel, see and taste the Italian (Roman) way of life at its best.


Party  the  night  away  with  us  and  enjoy  the  Italian  hospitality,  delicious  food  and  great  music  in  the  most  spectacular  surroundings:  Villa  Miani  offers  breathtaking  views  of  Rome.  It  feels  like  you  can  almost touch the dome of St. Peter cathedral. We will whisk you away like an Italian breeze and so that for one evening you will forget the world around you.

Cost: € 125 / Person

Additional tickets can be purchased on site until Thursday end of symposium day. Entry ticket (wrist band) for the Dolce Vita Night can be picked up from the registration desk. Please make sure you bring along the wrist band on Friday evening as it is the entry admission.

Dress code: Cocktail attire, blazer jacket required, tie optional

Taxi station at the event location.

Villa Miani
Via Trionfale, 151
00136 Roma